Realtor Academy


Learn how to use Analytics software from many online platforms including Google, Facebook Twitter and more.
Century 21 Heritage House Concierge Program Overview
Did you miss the C21 Concierge Program? The new C21 Concierge Program helps you provide a full-service training model that supports the success and productivity of sales representatives. On August 2, the program completed a successful pilot in English – and it was so well received, 100% of early survey respondents would recommend the program to another office or colleague!
Century 21 Heritage House YouTube Training
Learn how to edit and work with YouTube.
DocuSign Training
Learn what the purpose of DocuSign is and how to use the platform.
Instagram Training
Learn how to effectively use Instagram. Learn the basics and how to use this social media platform.
SentriConnect Instructions for Out of Town Agents
Learn how to download the app and start using SentriConnect.
SentriConnect Instructions for our Agent
Learn how to connect to SentriConnect if your our Agent.
Twitter Training
Learn how to use Twitter effectively. Learn the definitions and the basics to using the social media platform.